Restaurants have so much scope to attract more business, and there’s so much you can do creatively to get noticed.
If you are running out of ideas on how to reach out to your audience, here’s a few below:

Brand Value Proposition

 Why do people visit you? What are you doing right or wrong? Why does your business exist? This is relevant to all businesses. Your BVP should be the theme that flows through your entire brand from your food to your content. For example, if you sell fast food, your focus is on convenience and speedy service. This about what your business represents and these messages should be portrayed clearly in your branding and the content you put out on social media. Get some professional photos or videos taken of your dishes, drinks and desserts. Take photos and videos of behind the scenes, the kitchen, cooking a meal, images of your restaurant and events. People never get bored of seeing pictures of food and drinks, but they need to be quality images.

Photos and Videos

Share your best reviews on social media. People take note of these reviews. Also, pay close attention to negative reviews, if you are getting repeated feedback…great food but slow service, this is free market research take note and deal with the problem.

Tell your story

Tell your story –Talk about your history and your brand values. Some of my client’s mosts engaging posts have been their story.

Link to your website

Publish content that links to your website, that way you can track and retarget your website visitors, make sure you have a FB Pixel installed if you want to run Facebook adverts.

Share events and Offers in your restaurant

Share your event and offers, photos or videos of your staff and customers (only with their permission) and make it visual and creative.

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback by running polls on new dishes, events and drinks or something as simple as whether your restaurant should have background music.

If you are feeling stuck and need a bit of support, creating a brand identity or marketing strategy, or need someone to take over your social media, then get in touch.