Six Christmas Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s less than a hundred days until Christmas,  it might seem early, but now is the perfect time to start marketing your Christmas stock or events to make the most for the busiest time of the year. In this blog, I will share some ideas for marketing campaigns that you can use in your marketing strategy over the coming month:

Here are some of my top tips to help you successfully make the most of the festive season.

Show off your Top-selling products

Now is the time to pick out those top-selling winter collection products and either create a video, reel or update your catalogue to show them off.

You could even do a Christmas video if you have the budget, but a simple reel slide show will be fine if you don’t. Add some Christmas trending music to it aswell. The whole idea is to get people excited about your products, but it’s also an opportunity for you to show off your products or services.

Run a Christmas Giveaway

People are searching for gifts for partners, relatives and children, so this is the perfect time to do a free giveaway. In the giveaway, ask people to tag and follow and comment. This will give your page an engagement boost and raise awareness that you exist. However, I would ask people to only tag people they think will be genuinely interested in your product; otherwise, you end up with an audience that is not engaged which will in the long term affect your overall engagement.

Black Friday Sale

Run a sale in the Black Friday week with top-selling items or those high stock items. Make sure you raise awareness about the Black Friday Sale, promoting it at least a few weeks before, so people know it will happen.

Run a Competition

Encourage people to send photos, videos or Reels of your product or how they use it. If you sell clothes or shoes or hats or any item to wear, you could run a competition for the best reel or video. The content you receive will allow you to have lots of photos/videos you can also use in the future. With their permission!

Start a Christmas Countdown Calander

At the beginning of December,  start a Christmas countdown or an advent calendar.  Here you could reduce one item of your stock each day, and you reveal the item. Create the urgency by only allowing them to buy that product at the discounted price for that day, or you can run it for the whole month.

Run Facebook Ads

Christmas is the perfect time to run ads and raise awareness about your business.

With more people online this time of year, this time allows you to test audiences, creatives to see how your ads perform. It’s also the perfect time to promote your sale or new items and attract more visitors to your website. Use this opportunity to attract the right audiences to your site and retarget those people that are already visiting the site.

A Facebook Pixel is essential to track your visitor’s actions on your site.  A Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website. It collects data to help you track conversions and different actions people take on your site like adding to a cart, page view and adding payment details.

If you have the pixel installed, you can then retarget these people. Have you ever been looking at an item online, and the next thing it has popped into your Facebook or Instagram feed? Well, that’s the Facebook retargeting ads working but these can only happen if the pixel is set with events tracking.

Retarget ads allows you to close the sale as most people don’t buy straight away; they need time to consider it, so these ads work really well in this situation as you can personalise the ads so they have more chance of purchasing.

If you need support with your Ads then why not get intouch or book a power hour with me.

Written by Micala Sansom